Editions of Manjaro Arm

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Minimal Edition

The Manjaro-Arm Minimal Edition is a very basic installation of Manjaro-Arm. It comes with no preloaded packages or desktop, and it will only have a root user. Great for building it your way.

Base Edition

Manjaro-Arm Base edition is the perfect solution for general use. It comes ready to go with XFCE desktop installed and configured. It is aimed to provide you a quick and stable desktop experience for where ever you take your embedded devices. It has a few applications pre-installed to provide you the complete desktop experience with minimal configuration on your end. Some of those applications include:

 Firefox web browser
 Evolution mail client
 Hexchat irc client
 VLC media player
 Pamac package manager

Once booted you will be automatically taken to the XFCE desktop as the manjaro user. VNC will be running if you choose to use your embedded device without a mouse and keyboard. Port is standard 5900 and vnc password is manjaro.

Server Edition

Manjaro-Arm Server Edition is packaged with the idea of using your embedded device as a file or webserver. It is preloaded with SSH, FTP, and a LAMP server configured for basic usage.

Media Edition

The Manjaro-Arm Media Edition is built around setting up an HTPC or other media device. The Media Edition comes preloaded with Kodi and is configured to get you going out of the box with minimal configuration on your end.